Children's Tree

The Children's Tree

The Children's Tree is an exciting initiative launched by the Barnet Hill Foundation, it is aimed at furthering our cause and raising our student's aspirations.

Donors are welcome to donate in memory of someone special or make a dedication and we will create a special hand crafted leaf or bird that will hold your message and keep their memory or your message flying on our Children’s Tree. We will put your valuable donation towards creating futures, developing the potential of our young people every day and in helping young people lead good, moral lives as upright Muslims of the 21st Century.
In doing so, we ensure every donation is used for the greatest impact helping young people fulfil their potential by creating valuable and unique opportunities for children from the age of four upwards so they can learn their times tables through to the surah’s of the Quran. Our ultimate goal is to create a generation of young people who achieve academic progress aligned with the Islamic ideals conveyed through the Prophetic practice.
Children's Tree - Sadaqa Tree
Barnet Hill’s Sadaqa Tree - Online Version.pdf
Leaf & Dove Form
Tree Form.pdf