Our Reception

A typical day at 'Barnet Hill' Reception Class


Children enrolled in Reception Class must compulsorily attend for the full day, full details are available via the School Office, contact Ms Tarannum, Head of Administration.

ReceptionStart of Day8:30 am
ReceptionEnd of Day3:15 pm

At Barnet Hill, we ensure every day in our Reception class is filled with learning, discovery, and lots of fun. Here’s how we structure our day to maximize enjoyment and learning:

Morning Session: Children arrive and settle in between 8:30 am and 8.45 am, choosing from a variety of engaging activities. This leads into carpet time and registration, followed by a busy morning schedule. Our activities include daily Phonics sessions, Maths lessons, Arts and Crafts, Role Play, Construction, Guided-Reading, Independent Handwriting/Drawing, Group Discussions, and independent book exploration. Each activity is thoughtfully planned to cater to the diverse needs and interests of all children.

Snack Time: Snack time provides a wonderful opportunity for social interaction. Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack from home, and the importance of handwashing and healthy eating habits are regularly reinforced.

Phonics and Literacy Session: Phonics sessions run from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Bug Club Phonics is a robust synthetic phonics program that supports children in learning to read. This program is methodically structured around the principles of synthetic phonics and aligns with the Letters and Sounds phonics framework, delivering a systematic approach to reading instruction.

The program emphasizes the systematic teaching of phonics, which, when combined with an effectively managed home reading program, ensures that children consistently enhance their reading and writing skills. To complement the phonics instruction, other literacy activities are integrated into the curriculum to broaden the learning experience. These activities include story retelling sessions, where children are encouraged to narrate stories in their own words, fostering oral language skills and comprehension. Additionally, journaling exercises are included to develop writing fluency and expression, allowing children to practice constructing sentences and expressing their thoughts creatively. These activities not only support the development of literacy but also enrich children's engagement with texts, enhancing their overall communication skills.

Lunch: Children have the option to bring their own healthy lunches or enjoy a hot lunch provided by the school, served at 11:45 am in the cafeteria. This arrangement fosters good eating habits and promotes independence, while ensuring that all children have access to nutritious meals. Providing a hot lunch option also accommodates diverse dietary needs and preferences, making mealtime a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone.

Outdoor Play: The EYFS garden is prepared daily with diverse activities including sand play, water trays, construction, small world scenarios, and riding toys like trikes and scooters. Literacy opportunities such as reading and independent writing are always incorporated into our outdoor play.

Arts & Crafts: Children have daily access to our Arts and Crafts room through a free-flow system, enabling creativity during their time in the garden. Sensory play opportunities abound, including play dough, painting, and engaging tuff tray activities.

Guided Reading/ E-Book: Daily guided reading sessions help us monitor and support the children’s reading skills. Each child is encouraged to read books tailored to their reading level, fostering progression and confidence in their abilities.

Focused Group Activity: In these sessions, teachers work with small groups on focused activities that tie into our half-termly topic or daily learning objectives, while other children enjoy continued access to indoor and outdoor activities.

Rhyme Time/ Story Time: Led by our practitioners, these sessions introduce new rhymes and stories, enhancing children's language development and nurturing a love for reading. Stories are read at least twice a day, deeply embedding a passion for literature. We provide a wonderfully comprehensive and enriching environment for children! Adding activities like cooking, planting, and taking care of a wildlife garden further enhance this holistic approach. These activities can support various aspects of children's development: Cooking activities can help children develop math skills through measuring ingredients and improve their understanding of nutrition and food safety. It also enhances fine motor skills and allows for sensory experiences. Planting activities teaches responsibility and the basics of botany. Children can learn about the life cycles of plants, the importance of caring for the environment, and the satisfaction of seeing their efforts bear fruit—quite literally!

Tidy Up/ Home Time: Children take pride in their learning environment by helping to tidy up before home time, fostering a sense of responsibility and care for their shared spaces.

Each day at Barnet Hill is thoughtfully designed to ensure a balanced mix of learning, play, and development, making sure our children enjoy every moment of their early education.