Our Staff

Leadership Team

Alim ShaikhExecutive HeadteacherI joined the school in Autumn 2017 under its previous guise, as a community school, and led the transition to reestablish the school under its current banner as Barnet Hill Academy. Alongside my present role as Executive Headteacher, I continue providing support and sharing my expertise with schools both locally and internationally. Currently, I am also the serving Executive Headteacher of another newly opened Islamic faith school in West London and am further engaged on a master planning project for an ambitious educational community initiative in Nigeria. Whilst, more locally, my key focus remains supporting Barnet Hill Academy through an extensive school transformation programme with a sharper focus on raising standards and levels of attainment for all of our wonderful students at the Academy, in addition to my substantive role as Headteacher of an Islamic state funded school in a neighbouring borough.
Shuayb PatelHeadteacher

I graduated from one of the oldest Islamic seminaries in the UK; the Institute of Islamic Education, where I studied Islamic sciences. I've been the Imām at Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre since January 2009. I am committed to helping our community thrive, and I have attained various qualifications such as Counselling, Mental Health and Safeguarding Certificates to further support the community. In addition, I have also acquired the title of CEOP Ambassador. At BHA I helped lay the foundations of a reflective pastoral structure, where pupils are encouraged to reflect on character and take responsibility for their actions and I continue to lead on this in my capacity as Headteacher. I completed my National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL) in 2022.
Shazeda Begum


After gaining my BA in English Literature and Language,  I undertook my PGCE at the Institute of Education. Since then I have been fortunate enough to work in a number of schools across key stages including independent, state and Muslim faith schools. After several successful years as a classroom practitioner I completed an NPQML (2021) alongside various leadership roles in a range of contexts. Presently in my capacity as Deputy Headteacher responsible for raising attainment and standards, my role entails promoting high expectations and outcomes for all pupils by creating a positive culture that fosters excellence and one where our students constantly strive for success.
Moni Choudhury
EYFS LeadMy Level 5 Early Years qualification and extensive experience over seven years as an EY Practitioner have significantly enhanced my ability to positively influence the learning environment. Working closely with young children has deepened my understanding of their needs and enabled me to make meaningful contributions to their educational experiences.

EYFS/Nursery Practitioners

NameRoleAbout Me
Ms LamiaEarly Years PractitionerI am qualified as a Level  4 Early Years practitioner. My 8 years of experience in this Nursery settings helps to grow and develop my passion and dedication to inspire and enthuse young children. My energy, resourcefulness, responsibility, patience and a caring nature are the important traits of my character embedded in children's learning so they grow as young people and are ready to go on with the next steps in their learning journeys.
Ms Mariya
Early Years Practitioner
I have experience of working in a variety of educational settings, including Early Years and KS1. Helping children realise their potential at this early stage is my passion. I do my utmost to support children with their educational and social development taking into account the needs of each child. I endeavour to provide a fun and caring environment for children to explore and learn in a safe and secure way.
Ms Firdous
EYFS Support
I am currently an Islamic studies teacher at BHA. Over the last 12 years, I’ve taught a range of age groups from adults to children in Islamic Studies, Quran and Tajweed, which has given me a lot of experience working in different environments. I have also worked alongside this as a Mualima at Hendon Madarassah for over a decade. In addition, I have also been working as an Early Years practitioner at Barnet Hill's Nursery alongside upholding my position as a Key Stage 1 Islamic Studies teacher.

Primary Teachers

Ms SalimaReception TeacherI am presently undertaking my ECT at Barnet Hill Academy. I have a BA (Hons) in Education and qualified at BHA with my QTS as and Early Years Teacher and have been working with children and young people for over 20 years. During this time, I have learned that every child is unique and has an individual character. Working with children is my passion and  it gives me great satisfaction.
Ms Maariya
Reception Teacher
I have a PGCE in specialising in Early years. I have spent many years teaching in a variety of early years settings here in the UK and abroad. I am passionate about  early years education and that children learn best in an environment where they are nurtured and feel safe to be themselves.
Ms BelkisYear 1 TeacherPresently, I an an ECT at the school having gained both my QTS and Primary Education PGCE  in 2022 have trained as a primary teacher in key stage 1. Prior to this I have engaged in various teaching and learning settings, education being my passion.
Ms Hamda 
Year 1 Teacher
After gaining my BSc in Biomedical Science, I went on to gain a Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), being awarded ‘Above Standard’. I went on to teach in a range of educational settings, and then subsequently completed my PGCE in an AET school with Ark Teacher Training. Following the wonderful experience I had teaching in a state school, I feel blessed to be able to join the BHA family and give back to my community.  
Ms Amna
Year 2 Teacher
I have undertaken many teacher training opportunities including an Award in Teaching and Education. Working with children is my passion and it gives me great satisfaction. Along with teaching, my passion is doing creative work with children, and I lead on Art Week and the annual Master Chef Cooking Competition at the Academy.

Ms Yasmeen
Year 3 Teacher
I have successfully attained level 4 HLTA qualification whilst working in school. It has enabled me to improve my skills in teaching classes unsupervised in key stage 1 and 2. In completing this course, it has been rewarding as I have been able to constructively apply my skills and understanding in strengthening my level of expertise. Additionally, I support the class teacher by giving tracked spelling assessments and providing lesson plans to aid in the development and well-being of the children.
Ms Farida
Year 3 Teacher and Sendco
I am a fully qualified teacher with 9 years of experience in Education, mainly covering years 3, 4 and 5. As I embarked on my career in Education, I delved into many aspects of school life, from previously Chair of PTA to Leading Science across school. This enriched my experience, skill set and knowledge. I am passionate about positively motivating our children to reach their full potential in the classroom, as well as in life. Our beautiful deen Islam teaches us to do our best with excellence and, InshaAllah, I aim to always incorporate this in my teaching. This is my first year at BHA and I am looking forward to learning and growing with my classroom and providing a welcoming and nurturing environment. 

Ms Habiba

Year 4 Teacher
I am an ECT at the school presently and look forward to developing at Barnet Hill Academy whilst undergoing the ECT programme.
Ms SadiaYear 5 TeacherI am currently undertaking my ECT at Barnet Hill Academy. Whilst working in several school settings I have learned that every child is unique and to support them we must make a positive impact upon their learning. I have expanded my knowledge on children’s development, allowing me to attain a unique ability of acknowledging where students require support. Working with children is a great passion of mine, supporting them and watching them succeed is my main aim.  
Ms Bushra 
Year 6 Teacher
Following my BA in psychology, I pursued a PGCE at Brunel University. With my experience as a subject lead and KS2 teacher as well as my passion for learning and teaching, I will be able to make a significant contribution to my class. As a Maths Lead, I will create an environment that promotes high expectations and inclusion. Offering students, the opportunity to become familiar with Maths Talk, and to use pictorial and abstract evidence to develop a reasoning process. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to fulfil my desire to make a real and enduring difference to the lives of individual children and the community.

Teaching Assistants & Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Ms RawshanTeaching AssistantI attained a CACHE L3 Diploma for children and young people, I also successfully completed a Level 3 Teaching Assistant course. Whilst working in school's I gained crucial knowledge on child development allowing me to obtain a unique ability of seeing where students required support. In addition, I have a degree in Law which I studied in Arabic and consequently, I mastered the Arabic Language and Literature at degree level.  
Ms Rehana
Teaching Assistant
I am a qualified Early Years Level 2 Practitioner with over 12 years experience in various settings, and I enjoy working with children in both the Early Years and school age children especially in the Arts and Crafts and I lead many of the Cooking classes for our younger children and enjoy seeing them develop and grow.
Mr MohammedTeaching Assistant I work as the PE teacher/coach for the school. I intend to plan fun lessons and sessions for the students so they can learn a range of sports in different ages also abilities. I plan on motivating them to achieve their full potential throughout the year. I update the school records of the progress they are making throughout each lesson. I also work as a Teaching assistant helping around the school where needed.

Mr Tawhid

Teaching AssistantI am engaged as a member of the support team at the school and use my skills and background in media/art and photorgraphy to support the school with teaching and supporting both students and staff with these skills. I aim to utilise my skills to further enhance and develop the opportunities students have and nurture their creative skills and abilities further through enriching the curriculum and their extra-curricular opportunities wherever possible.

Islamic Studies Teachers

Name RoleAbout Me
Ms RawshanArabic TeacherI'm a passionate Arabic teacher with a law degree and extensive experience in Arabic studies. I like to teach Arabic in a creative and inspiring way, customizing each lesson to the individual student. I aim to make Arabic learning informative, enjoyable, and confidence-boosting, while also sharing the beauty of the language and its rich culture.
Ms Firdous
Years 1-2 Teacher
I am currently an Islamic studies teacher at BHS. Over the last 12 years, I’ve taught a range of age groups from adults to children in Islamic Studies, Quran and Tajweed, which has given me a lot of experience working in different environments. I have also worked alongside this as a Mualima at Hendon Madarassah for over a decade. I am very passionate about teaching and hope to be included amongst those described by our beloved Prophet S.A.W :  “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī. Overall, I would say I enjoy working with children as it is very rewarding for me to see them learn and grow. 
Ms SusanYears 3-4 Teacher As a native Arabic speaker, attending Islamic studies lessons from childhood in Damascus ignited a keen interest to learn the Sirah and memorise Qur’an with Tajweed. When I moved to Saudi Arabia my Islamic education  was strengthened and I represented my preparatory school in a Qur’an competition.  I moved back to Syria where I attained my BA in English Language and Literature.  As well as teaching English and Islamic studies privately and in supplementary schools, I have work experience in the banking and media sectors.  I have also been teaching Qur’an and Islamic Studies at Hendon Madrasah since 2018.
Ms Safarya
Years 5-6 Teacher 
I studied Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran at Ayesha Community School, under the guidance of exceptional teachers who greatly influenced my character and inspired me to pursue a career as a teacher in Islamic Studies and Quran. Additionally, I obtained a diploma in Taleem-Al-Quran from Al Huda Institute. My teaching experience spans between children aged 6-16. I gained it by teaching at the Islamic Association of North London, where I am currently the senior girls' teacher and online lead for digital development.

Ms Dana

Nasheed Teacher
I am a registered dietician with a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, but my passion for singing since childhood grew up with me and into a profession. Over the years, I have developed various skills that are related to Nasheed and drumming the duff. I have taught and supported pupils from Primary through to Secondary in the UK and abroad. Working with young pupils gives me joy and reminds me of the love and excitement I used to have for Nasheeds when I was their age.