Year 5 - Class Assembly

Year 5 brought the theatrics and creativity to their end of year class assembly all about greediness where they combined humour and great acting to convey important morals. The turnout was excellent, and the performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all those in attendance!


Year 4 and 5 - Trip to Flip Out!

Flip Out, the renowned indoor trampoline fun park has been quite the popular destination for our students over these past few weeks during their fun end-of-year trips! Our students had such a good time during the trip, and it was a lovely way to reward all the hard work they've accomplished this year!


Year 3 - Making Pneumatic Toys

Our Year 3 students certainly invested their critical thinking and creative thinking skills into their work where they made pneumatic toys - these were toys which operated through gas, or air, such as when the children blew up balloons. It was certainly an interesting lesson for our students to experience, and their final products are absolutely fantastic!


Year 6 - Trip to Claremont Park!

Our Year 6 students took a trip to Claremont Park where they enjoyed all the different activities the park had to offer. It was a lovely way for them to relax after working so hard for their SATs exams, and they thoroughly deserve all the fun!